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Your donation is tax-deductible and supports the mission/vision of Free To Thrive. 

Free to Thrive, Inc has a Board of Directors and operates under bylaws. We value transparency and are willing to provide financial information to any/all curious donors regarding the operations of Free to Thrive.

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Suggested donation levels:

"I am abundant" ($1200 one time or $100/month for 12 months)

"I am generous" ($2400 one time or $200/month for 12 months)

"I am openhearted" ($4800 one time or $400/month for 12 months)

"I am blessed" (ANY amount one time or ANY amount/month for 12 months)

You can donate using PayPal or a credit card by clicking the "donate" button below. If you wish to pay by check, make checks payable to "Free to Thrive" and contact us for a mailing address. Thank you for partnering with us in this work!


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