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"Create what you seek, but cannot find." ~Brave Girls' Club

In January 2016, we hosted our first-ever "Thrive" retreat for women and invited a handful of close friends to attend. We figured if we were going to fail, we would fail quietly and without fanfare! However, our first retreat didn't fail; it was downright magical. 

We had a second retreat, a third retreat, and a fourth retreat. We kept offering retreats and women kept signing up for them. We figured out we had created something special and we began to wonder, "What would it look like if we did this full time?"

We formed a not-for-profit in June 2018 under the name "Free to Thrive." We continue to offer retreats three times a year and they are the heartbeat of our work. However, we seek to create additional spaces and opportunities for women to gather and feel empowered to live shame-free, courageous lives. Our goal is to open a "Retreat House" for women in the near future.

Tiffany Baker, Executive Director

Tiffany is an ordained elder and former teacher. She lives in KC with her husband and three kids; they consistently invite her to grow into her most loving self. Her perfect day would include sitting on a beach with kombucha and a good book. A recovering people-pleaser and overachiever, she is passionate about helping women free themselves from shame, fear, and anxiety in order to lead lives filled with joy, purpose, connection, and rest. Read more about Tiffany here.

Shannon Davies, Director of Development

Shannon loves people. She is married to Zach, and they have 2 daughters who make life beautiful, challenging, and worth it. She has worked in many different roles, from corporate work to disaster response, and for the last 10 years, she served as a church Youth Director. She enjoys driving with the windows down (and music up!), having lunch with friends, and relaxing on her patio with family. She recently found her voice and it inspired her to help other women find theirs. She is passionate about building communities of women where they feel loved and seen. 


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